About me ...

My name is Selina, I'm 25 years and I live in Germany, Witten. 


I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy named Lio, in April 2013. 

I had a beautiful birth and that is the time where my journey has started.
I made a lot good experience with natural birth, long time nursing and, of course, main topic, baby wearing and wraps.


When I was pregnant I did a lot of research before I bought the first carrier. 

When my son was born I had no idea how to carry him and did pretty weird things with the carrier to get Lio in the right position. 

So I visited a baby wearing consultant and she showed me how to use my carrier right and, more important, she introduced me to the world of baby wraps. 


When Lio was 2 weeks old, I had my first ring sling and wrap and after that a LOT more followed. 

I don’t know how many wraps I owned until today, I don’t remember. But I tried nearly all brands and all of them where special. 

I met many people and got new friends due to baby wearing. 

I introduced my family and friends to my new hobby and they were also fascinated (also the friends without babies).
I decided to work with the wraps, and visited the Trageschule Hamburg and became a baby wearing consultant myself. 

Right about this time I founded my own brand. Owrapel was born within a night. 

I was pretty excited about it and uber enthusiastic.     


It took quite a time until I had my first wraps, booklets and other stuff in hands. 

I worked hard, because, to be honest, I had no money and for me it was the first time that I founded a brand and had to organize everything without any help. 


The first wraps where 100% cotton and a bit to thin, but I wanted to get your ideas and improve the wraps and the designs afterwards. I just couldn’t wait any longer to finally get started. 


And that was the first step into a exciting adventure. 




Together with a family-owned mill in Germany, we make sure that the yarns are quality-checked before they go through the weaving process. 

All yarns used in our wraps are ethnically sourced. The wool yarns are mulesing free. 

The yarns are harvested and spun in germany, switzerland, england and other parts in europe. 

Owrapel loves animals and I make sure that you get high quality yarns which last for a lifetime and longer. 



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