Caring instructions

When your wrap arrives at your home, please wash it at first. 

Follow the washing instructions on the wrap label. 

Do not bleach or tumble dry. Use liquid laundry detergent. 

Never use fabric softener. 



Wool/Silk/other animal fibers: 


Just fill a tub with nice cold water and a pleasant mild soap. 

Gently swish a bit. 

Then rinse in cool water thoroughly .

Do NOT WRING! Just gently squeeze out excess water. 

Reshape when laying out flat to dry. 

When mostly dry, it’s quite alright to hang so it can get more air. 

When fully dry, grab your baby and wrap it. 










Make sure everything is perfectly safe for you and your baby, once you have finished wrapping. 

Wrapping your baby safely is your own responsibility. 

Always use double knots. Tie the knots solidly. 

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