The yarns you can find in our wraps. 

To produce a woven babywrap you need a warp and a weft. 

The warp yarn Owrapel is using, is a strong european 100% cotton yarn, which has Oeko Tex Standart 100. 

We use this yarn frequently because we had the best results in combination with other yarns. 


The other important part, is the weft yarn. You can use almost all kind of yarns, from synthetic fibers to organic fibers or animal fibers. 

The tricky part is, to find the right yarn which works with your choosen weft yarn. 

Since our cotton yarn is very flexible, we have a lot of possibilities. 

We used a couple of different yarns in the past year and I like to tell you as much as I know about the yarns I picked out and you bought as a babywrap. 







Bio/Organic Cotton combined with Bio/Organic Linen Handdyed: 


This yarn was spun in germany and died in a couple of nice colours afterwards. All colors are also Oeko Tex 100, that means suitable for you babies, so they can suck on the fabric without getting a colored tounge ;-) 

This type of yarn is thick and heavy, very supportive and after a few cuddles it gets super soft. It's perfect to use with a toddler and in a single layer carry also suitable for small babies. At the beginning it's a bit sturdy but you will feel how it changes. 

You can find this sort of yarn in the following wraps: 

Starrytale Paint it Leela

Tonbo Ichigo

Starrytale Lemontree

Tonbo Hime

Applelicious Little Legolas

Applelicious Let's Go Diving

Applelicious little Eowyn

Tonbo Tomodachi

Tonbo Ritsu

Rinascita Tizian





Long hair Alpaca yarn: 


This alpaca wool is hairy and fluffy. Grown up alpacas have a different hair struckture than baby alpacas. The hairs are long and you can feel the wool. These wraps are prickly and always will be. So if you like wool and are not sensitive skinned then go for alpaca. 

In my opinion it's the best yarn you can get for all times of the year. There are plenty articles you can read about it's benefits, so I won't list them all here because this text would be never ending. ;-) 

I was glad to get my hand on two last cones before the company in germany shut down their production and sold all alpacas. So this is friendly alpaca wool and the few wraps that are exist containing this wool will stay the only ones. 


You can find this sort of yarn in the following wraps: 

Applelicious Little Enzian TOAK

Starrytale Pepsi 





Baby Alpaca from the Netherlands:



After I tasted blood with the fluffy "grown up" alpaca, I heard that baby alpaca has the same benefit and is not itchy, that makes a win for my wool sensitive friends.

I have a friend in the Netherlands who runs her own alpaca farm with some very luxury peruian baby alpacas.

I ordered a couple of colors and was stunned how amazing it feels and totally different to the "grown up" version. Ther hais is much shorter, which gives it a more silky feeling but still totally wooly but not itchy. The colors were bright and wonderful.

Woven it is bouncy and supportive, I had a great time with these wraps and really loved them. They will sure come back.

Yes, and these are animal friendly as well. :-)



You can find this sort of yarn in the following wraps:

Applelicious Lothlorien

Applelicious Little Arwen

Starrytale Dear Whitney





To be continued ... 

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